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Website: http://www.historyworld.net/wrldhis/PlainTextHistories.asp?ParagraphID=mfa


The above is a secondary source that expands on Napoleon's rule and acts as a timeline for Napoleon and how he got his power and how he lost it. I really tried to focus on his first consul and Plebescite of 1800. After Napoleon was becoming a noticed figure in France because of his extraordinary military tactics, he finally seized power in November of 1799. Only after a month of holding power, the current government created a constitutional document that provided a first consul, which would hold basically unlimited power and would most likely be Napoleon, a second and third consul, and more advisory figures. In February of 1800, this package was voted on by the people. About three million voted for it (for NAPOLEON) and only a thousand voted against. France was finally ready for order and a decisive and undoctrinaire dictator. 


How Napoleon Bonaparte got his power is truly amazing. The people of France voted overwhelmingly in favor of the constitution showing and exhibiting how ready they were for stability and peace. This really gave all the real power to Napoleon as first consul and started his career as a ruler. It was stated and I very agree on that, "Napoleon and the times are well suited to each other." This quote could not be more true. While France was in a hige muddle and mayhem, Napoleon was alive and ready to conquer and subjugate his power. France needed a orderly ruler, and that was a perfect chance for Napoleon to claim his role as a dictator. He even got the vote of the people to do so. Throughout France, he was widely accepted and adored by all since he is the one who will create reforms to help France and make France stronger, until his downfall, of course. So my question; how did he really lose all his power being such a powerful figure? What caused it to diminish?

The Defense lawyers are really advancing in our trial research. We began to make questions and we are now finishin them up also. I and Yanni are continuing to write our speeches and we also want to do some side projects before the trial. We might need a pushback on the deadline for the research, but we might not get our way with Sofia. Like Venetia stated, I am also very worried of the prosecutions questions and I just do not know how to prepare for them. Overall I think we are doing fabulously and I am really enjoying the role of being a lawyer.

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