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This trial was one of the top school experiences I have ever had. The collaboration, the aggression, the investigation and the awareness were the essential elements that made this trial as victorious as it was, however the best of all was the enthusiasm.

In this era of globalization, being globally aware is more important than ever. Also, having fun makes it easier to learn something and more likely to remember it. Additionally, I developed leadership skills. I exercised in research, public speaking, and teamwork. These are skills that I will need throughout my learning career. 


I learned that it is not always about who works or researches the most, instead it is all about the oral persuation.. That fact brought victory to the winning teams. I learned plenty of background about Napoleon and his allies in history. The literary connections part of the portfolio though was extremely interesting and it intrigued me. The mind map we created helped me clarify the link between Napoleon’s leadership and the leaders of our society today. However, if I had an extension of time, I believe I would have worked on it deeper.


In general, as a support lawyer, I satisfied my role. I contributed to my group, not only for the witnesses that I was assigmed, but also I helped my fellow teammates during my spare time.  I am also confident about the numerous objections I made throughout the trial as I had never observed or been part of an actual trial before. My lack of experience as a lawyer did not allow me to be fully aware of court procedures, however as an MUN delegate I had some prior experience in debating. In the beginning we were each assigned four witnesses to research and prepare questions to cross examine.  A few days before the trial we decided on which lawyer will question which witness. I researched and studied the backgrounds of the peasant, Josephine, the priest and the French soldier. However, at the trial I examined the peasant woman, the Italian woman, the Pope, the priest, Josephine and Napoleon. This past weekend I also completed the mind map that was due today. In this unit I learned a lot about how humans respond and react in court and what we resort to in the absence of authority. Also everyone naturally wants to be a leader. I improved my improvisation skills as I was required to create follow-up questions on the spot.  All the defense lawyers were able to collaborate together, however the prosecution lawyers could see our evidence and questions posted on Digication.


During class time we tried to complete as much as possible though there were numerous disruptions caused in the library that did not permit us to work faster. Therefore, we stayed after school three times in order to prepare and arrange our witnesses. We had a higher chance to win by presenting strong evidence materials in front of the court. Finally, Lord of the Flies has many common themes with Napoleon Bonaparte. Napoleon's leadership qualities relate to several characters from the novel such as Ralph, Piggy, Jack and Simon. Reading Lord of the Flieshelped me in also understanding what it means to be a worthy leader. 


As a member of the defense, it is expected for me to naturally stress that Napoleon was clearly not guilty, but if I were a jury member the prosecution deserved their victory. I must admit that their tactics were quite stronger. However their evidence was in no case stronger than ours. In fact, the defense team had turned in more slides of evidence to the Evidence Official. The persecution truly deserved their win to their strong witnesses, sneaky diplomacy, as well as one very corrupted, biased judge.


Finally, I am justly proud of my overall performance all through the Napoleon trial. I learned several new methods of persuasion that will not only help me in school trial, but also in the real world, as an adult, later in life. 

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.