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My name is Petros Vorgias. I was born on April 13th 1928. Born into an affluent Greek family I was raised in Athens, Greece. Upon finishing school in Greece, I went to Amherst, Massachusetts to study Political Sciences at Amherst University. After a year I transferred to Stanford University to study my true passion, law. As a student I worked in many law firms doing paper work and learning the job. After my graduation  from law school I worked for many well-known law firms and took part, as a prosecutor, in the Nuremberg trials. I am curretly an attorney in Truman's legal defense team in the so-called "Truman Trial", seeking to protect him against the crimes against humanity charges he faces. Furthermore, I live in Miami, Florida with my wife and three kids, John, Maria and Natalie.



I am a well-known criminal defense and offense attorney. Currently, I am defeding Harry. S.Truman, former presdient of the US, with the charges he faces for crimes against humanity. It is my goal to show to you all that Truman was not a tyrant, nor a ruthless butcher, but a responisible leader. He embraced the ideals of freedom, liberty, equality and justice. He lead a nation which defeated the paranoid Japanese regime under Emperor Hirohito, and restored democracy to the people of Japan, while having no intentions in harming the Japanese people. Furthermore, the Japanese recovery after the World War is regarded as a "financial miracle", and this is due to the help Japan received, not from Hirohito nor from Stalin, but from Truman and the USA. Hence, all charges against Truman are completely inaccurate and dispicable. 




  • Joseph Stalin, USSR party boss
  • Paul Nitze, Vice-Chair of the U.S strategic bombing survey
  • Paul Tibbets, Pilot of the Enola Gay
  • Father John. A.Siemes, witness and survivor of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima
  • Dwight Eisenhower, Supreme Allied Commander in Europe


  • President Harry. S. Truman
  • James F Byrnes, USA secretary of defense
  • Female Survivor of the Nanking massacre
  • Sir George Paget Thomason, MAUD commitee chair
  • General Douglas MacArthur
  • Brigandier General Doolittle

Main Points


  • Truman had no other choice than to drop the bomb. It is evident that the Japanese had no intention to surrender and would have fought on to the death, since that what their mad emperor dictated. 
  • It has been said thet the fact that the US demanded unconditional surrender to Japan was disgraceful for the Japanese race. However the Japanese government had to be toppled and built back up, so as for democracy and liberty to strive.
  • A potential invasion of Japan, "Operation Downfall", would have had by far many more losses both for the Americans and the Japanese.
  • Japanese were warned of the use of an extremelty destructive weapon against them if they did not stop the war (leaflets dropped and Potsdam decleration), but they refused to abandon their "dream" of conquering the world.
  • Truman did all he could to end the world war, stop the bitchering of millions of people and plant the seeds of freedom in nations such as Japan. He  aimed to "make the world safe for democracy".
  • USSR had only expansionist and imperialistic views on Japan and was only interested in gaining political influence over Japan. Furthermore the soviets were constructing their own bomb to use against the Japanese and to compete with the Americans. The USSR had started the cold war.






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DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.