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My Witness: General George C. Marshall


My Name:  Nicholas M


Background:   George Marshall started his millitary career in World War 1, where he served as a captain in and dealt with both training and operations, in world was 2 he was the U.S army chief of staff, one of the highest millitary positions. After the war he became U.S Secretary of State headed the Marshall Plan an ambitious plan to restore europes infrastructure and economy.


Connection to this Case:  George Marshall, as Chief of staff and later Secretary of State was heavily involved in many millitary operations (including the development and application of the Atomic Bomb) as well as post-war relief efforts, most notably the Marshall Plan, previously called the European Recovery Program


Your Testimony:   I will Argue the validity of the atomic bombs use, and argue that marshall was essential for the application of the Marshall Plan, having both approveed it and submitted it to congress for funding. According to myu argument, this attests to trumans character showing that he gave United States funds (13 billion U.S dollars in total) to a devestated Europe, even though the war had taken its toll on America. Truly an act of compassion 


Key Sources:   (You must include at least two key sources that help to support your position)  You may add sources in the following ways:  

1) Upload an image of the source as a graphic (use insert media above);

2) Add a link to a key source document in word or PDF form (use insert file above);

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Source Evaluation:  (For each source you must write the following)


Source #1- The Marshall Plan proposition speech        


Origin- The speech by George Marshall delivered at Harvard College proposing the Marshall Plan




Purpose- To promote the Marshall Plan and speak to its purpose and behnifits 


Value of this source in preparation of my testimony-  Fully outlines Both the logistics and numbers of utilising the Marshall Plan, and talks about how america, as a leading nation, has an obligation to provide assistance to its neighbors.  


Limitations of this source in preparation of my testimony-, It is presented by Marshall himself, so it is naturally somewhat biased.  


"The Marshall Plan Speech." George C Marshall. Marshall Foundation, n.d. Web. 21 Apr. 2015.






Source #2- Measuring the Marshall Plan 


Origin- This Article is published by Foreighn Affairs and concerns the marshall plan and its statistics and details


Purpose- Primarily to inform


Value of this source in preparation of my testimony- This source is immensly valuable because of its extensive detail and raw statistics


Limitations of this source in preparation of my testimony- it is a secondary source, and it is also quite lengthy.


-May, Stacy. "Measuring the Marshall Plan." Global. Foreighn Affairs, n.d. Web. 21 Apr. 2015.



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.