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My Witness: Karl Taylor Compton


My Name:  Juanita 



I was born on September 14 1887 in Wooster, Ohio. I am an American physicist, administrator and educator.I attended Wooster University in 1902. Then entered a graduate program in Princeton University, where I received the Porter Ogden Jacobus Fellowship and gave me the opportunity to work with Owen Willans Richardson on papers on physical theories. These papers later helped Richardson to win the Nobel Prize. Finally in 1912, I received my Ph.D. from Princeton on summa cum laude.


I was the president of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology from 1930 to1948. I was a memeber of National Defense Research Committee (NDRC) which I was appointed to be the Head of Division D during WWII in 1940. I was also selected as one of the eight members of Interim Committee to advise President Truman with the use of nuclear energies.


Connection to this Case

As an adviser, I believe the reason why President Truman dropped the atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki is because he aimed to save his people and nation. President Truman ended the war with the least possible casualties.


Your Testimony:   

  1.  President Hruman ended the war with the least possible casualties.
  2.  U-234 was carrying Uranium from Germany to Japan to develop equally powerful weapons.
  3. War would have countinuted for many months if the atmoic bombs are not dropped to force Japan to surrender.

Key Sources:  


Source Evaluation:  


Source #1-


Compton, Karl T. "If the Atomic Bomb Had Not Been Used." The Atlantic. Atlantic Media Company, 01 Dec. 1946. Web. 21 Apr. 2015.


Origin- This is an article written by Karl Compton, myself, in December 1 1946. 


Purpose- This evidence shows that the atmoic bombs dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki were aiming for saving the American and Japanese citizens.


Value of this source in preparation of my testimony-  


Limitations of this source in preparation of my testimony- There are no limitations since compton said it himself.



Source #2-


Origin-"REPORT ON INTERROGATION OF THE CREW OF U-234 WHICH SURRENDERED TO THE USS SUTTON ON 14 MAY, 1945, IN POSITION 470-07’ N –420-25’ W." N.p., 27 June 1945. Web. 20 Apr. 2015.


Purpose- This source shows that Uranium is carried from Germany to Japan. Japan is about to develop equally power nuclear weapons.


Value of this source in preparation of my testimony- Shows that Japan was not a defended nation and it maybe wanted to fight on with the nuclear weapons it created. It contained 240 tons.



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