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My Witness:   General Douglas MacArthur


My Name:  Tom Kipp


Background:  My father was a military officer, so I was born into the military life. Eventualy, I was one of the most influencial men in World War II. Before the war I was Field Marshall of the newly established Philippine army, and I was directly responsibe for it's building, training, equipping, and maintaining it. Durring the war I was the highest ranking officer of all the allied forces is the region, serving as Supreme Commander of the Allied Powers. After the war, I lead the occupational forces in Japan, and i was respinsible for enacting widespread reforms to many aspects of Japanese society.


Connection to this Case:  The President and I had our disagreements at times, but I fully support his decision to use the Atomic Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Having had extensive knowledge about the peace talks, and able to discuss them not from a diplomatic perspective, but from the context of its military achievability, I am an increadibly valuable member of the defence.


Your Testimony:   None of the peace offers that were submitted by the Japanese before the atomic bombs were compatable with the United States' most basic war aims. In my testimony I will explain the extent of which these inquiries were unacceptable, and i will also testify to the good the befel Japan durring the occupation, thanks to Truman and myself.


Source Evaluation:  (For each source you must write the following)


Source #1- The Japanese Constitution 




Origin- The current constitution of Japan was written by the occupation forces, and ratified by the new democratic government of Japan. I, MacArthur, personally ordered and supervised it's authorship, which was jointly written by SCAP and the new Japanese leadership.


Purpose- This document was written with two main intentions, namely to outline and preserve democratic government, and to establish liberal rights to the people of Japan. 


Value of this source in preparation of my testimony-  Many of the articles that were included in the constititution were requested directly by President Harry Truman. It shows the care he had for Japanese wellbeing, and any man who gifts millions of people with freedoms and liberties that they hadn't previously possessed is not a war criminal, he is a hero.


Limitations of this source in preparation of my testimony- The Constitution of Japan is limited as a source because I can only read it as a translation, and not in it's originally intended viewing langiage of Japanese. Any errors in translation could lead to misinterperitations or even blatantly incorrect literal meanings.



Source #2- The Manhattan Engineer District report on the Atomic Bombings




 (to clarify, this source contains multiple pages that can be navigated at the bottom of the linked page)


Origin- This is a report compiled by the Manhattan Engineer District under the direction of Major General Leslie R. Groves.


Purpose- This is a report to describe the planning of, justification for, and effects of the atomic bomb attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The report summarizes the targets, the damage caused, injuries, effect on Morale, and further aspects of the bomb dropping.


Value of this source in preparation of my testimony- This source provides me with a deep context to the Atomic bombs, in contrast to the much more common sources stating not much more than casualty statistics. As an official military report, it contains information about the bombings that would not be available to the avageage historian.


Limitations of this source in preparation of my testimony- The source was compiled by a division of the United States military, so therefor may contain information that is skewed to fit the American perspective. A report by an unafiliated body may have been more impartial, but would not have had the same information available to them as did the Manhattan Engineer District, who were directly related to the dropping of the bombs.



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.