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My name is: Andriana Skalkos

I am also known as: Dri, Drilla, Nemo, Lola, Adin Saks

DOB: August 15th Sign: Leo Grade: 12th Country of Origin: the USA and Greece Home cities: Aghia Paraskevi, Rochester (NY), Westford (MA), New York, New York Favorite Color: None Why? Some days are different than others Emotion as I'm writing this: Excitment Passions: Color psychology, learning, assisting those with all sorts of disabilities, and baking Anything more? Yes. 


I am:

  • an abstract thinker 
  • silently motivated 
  • sincere, reliable and driven 
  • funny 
I want:
  • to create my own art
  • to grow internally, and with others
  • to express my thoughts, feelings, and understandings
I have:
  • a dream
  • a voice 
....many different parts which make up who I am. Each part of me contributes the individual that I am. I have discovered that coming to know each of these parts, is most important to me. In short I celebrate who I am today, believe in who I will be tomorrow, and reflect on who I was yesterday.
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.