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I was born on October 25th 1999 in Athens, Greece. During the first years of my life, I resided in Patras, Greece; however, I moved to Athens at the age of 4. I attended Greek public school from 1st to 8th grade (2005-2013). The course of my life was reshaped to suit an international path, as I moved to Istanbul, Turkey in the summer of 2013. I attended the Istanbul International Community School for one academic year, after which I relocated to Moscow, Russia. During my stay, I attended the Anglo-American School of Moscow, for yet another year. I then moved back to my home country, and attended the American Community School of Athens for the remaining two years of High-School.

Prefering a pragmatic approach to problem-solving, I've been intrigued by the sciences, since my early childhood; hence, I have narrowed my interest down to the field of aerospace engineering, due to my desire of ultimately passing my conscience on to later generations, through what I consider to be the most prominent science of the future.

Languages also being one of my interests, I speak English, Greek and French fluently, and am currently learning Russian and Turkish. In reality, innovative ideas may only be spread and accepted if one can communicate them properly; thus, linguistics are critical to personal development, which is one of my primary goals.

Academics aside, the arts of photography and music prevail in my personal life; I was a member of the AAS marching band program and have been playing the guitar for 8 years. Furthermore, I work as a commercial photographer, covering events and doing product photography, but also often partake in art projects, as a means of retrieving the necessary inspiration to continue to produce work, and grow artistically.

As a mental relief from my restless routine, I often approach significant moral and ideological issues from a philosophical standpoint, considering it to be a form of balance between the practical and the theoretical.










DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.