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What is your biggest passion?


The acquisition and spreading knowledge. I take profound joy in both the learning, and teaching processes, and have a particular interest in aiding, through the expansion of my current knowledge, and dissemination thereof.


What would you like to improve in the world?


Through the above, I aim to aid in increasing the sense of self-worth of the various members of the multitude of communities I am part of, especially in terms of belief in one's own abilities. For instance, I find that, at times, being able to explain something in simpler, more effectively-concise terms allows a 'student' to grasp it in a manner that increases their own confidence, and leads to higher future morale; I endeavor to apply this principle to my own personal life, as a means of increasing societal productivity and sense of ability to be so.


List some organizations that you would like to support.


i. Local elderly leisure institutes (KAPI)

ii. "Kivotos tou Kosmou", a local institution which shares many of the same beliefs as me, in terms of educating the less fortunate

iii. "Chamogelo tou Paidiou", another such foundation for the support and care of children in need


How will these activities benefit you? Others?


I believe the benefits of activities conducted under the supervision of the aforementioned institutions to be quite consistent with my own personal goals, discussed previously, regarding personal and societal growth, which occur simultaneously, through improvements in the understanding of the human self-worth mechanism, as well as the communal sense of confidence in its own collective abilities.


What do you wish to accomplish?


I aim to impart some of my own knowledge regarding the acquisition and application of knowledge itself, in order to increase societal welfare and productivity, whilst simultaneously providing volunteer-work where it is much needed, as such activities constitute a public good, which, at times, is not even provided by the government, necessitating NGO and communal efforts to provide it.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.