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My Reflection


Reaching the end of this long journey, there are so many things I'd like say, emotions, thoughts, regrets, but I will try to focus on everything that is significant.


This digital portfolio is one that is very personal to me, something that is not often achieved. I managed to create something that not only is interesting and valid, but also discovers an inner truth about myself, about my family, about my name. I know now, after completing this project, that I will never think of the name "Bonaparte" again without thinking "Mani", "Greece", "ME!" I will never research Napoleon the same way, knowing that my life could just be a long extension of his legacy. In other words, this project has touched me in a way that projects rarely can.


In that sense this portfolio was extremely successful. In the sense of validation and truth that derived out of this project, I would once more suggest success as well. My research around the Bonaparte family led me to many primary sources that proved what I had initially suspected true. Many sources even stated Napoleon's greek origin, as an undebatable fact, which surprised me. Most of the search directions I took led me to an interesting and useful fact, whether that was a DNA sample or family date. There were though searches that proved useless. For example, in my third visit I tried searching one by one the fathers of the Bonaparte family, hoping to find a Greek relative. That search proved completely useless, even though other random search directions led me to my strongest sources, like the "Memoirs of Counted D'Abrantes".


Two strong points derived from this project: A) Napoleon's surname is of Greek origin, and B) His family was greatly interconnected with the Greek of Corsica. All of my three visits in general aimed to prove these two points, even though random facts popped up here and there. Luckily, both of these points were repeatedly supported by primary sources, proving my case for Napoleon's greek origin true. 


My initial idea of how this project would develop is extremely different to how it actually developed. I was planning to incorporate multiple interviews in my visits, which didn't happen, as well as more photographs. I though decided that online many stronger sources were available than I would find actually visiting the village. I am happy that I didn't waste any time in collecting interviews or taking photos of the village of Mani, now realizing that those do not have any real value, when I am trying to prove something that occured so long ago. The sources I collected online are more than enough to prove my case. 


In conclusion, this long and successful journey has finally come to an end. This portfolio touched me in unbelievable ways, and proved facts that most people doubt. It has been a wonderful experience that has opened my eyes to the fact that everything is debatable; no matter how much time passes, no matter how many people doubt it.


I would like to end this portfolio with three words that I have researched, written, debated and finally proved. I have earned the right to say them, I believe, so don't you dare correct me...





DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.