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Reflection on my Research Process

The initial reason for my interest in this topic of Napoleon's origin is the fact that I am too originated from Mani, on my father's side.


I knew from the first moment that whatever this Portfolio included will be based on that village. My knowledge on Mani and its history doesn't amount to even half of my love for that place, and this was my chance to make it right. Through very little research and almost immediately I discovered that my favourite, fascinating village was linked to one of the greatest generals in European history: Napoleon Bonaparte.


Napoleon was a huge personality, whom I have studied again and again. I have always been fascinated by his unique personality and use of words, but I've never been given the chance to study him deeper than pure facts. Facts don't make a person. But origin can, and therefore origin was a big part of Napoleon himself. When I found out eventually that his origin may be associated with mine, my heart immediately knew that this project was made for me. 


I tried to make a list of primary and secondary sources, including poems, literature, photos and of course, my one and only grandfather! My grandfather also contributed to my desire to start on this project. As a very original Maniot himself, he has always been encouraging me to write about the village he grew up in and loves so much. His passion has inspired me truly, and now I will "use" him as my secondary source.


After collecting all of my sources, I started making a plan that mapped out all the evidence and ways by which Napoleon could be a Maniot. After I understood everything, it was time to put it on paper.... or rather on a digital portfolio. 


Here I am now... typing up my thoughts on a screen that will someday be a mirror of my own personality. A mirror of my love and passion for a greek village so small and forgotten it can only produce shepherds and pirates... Right?


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.