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Napoleon Bonaparte's father was Carlo Buonaparte. Carlo was born in March 29, 1746 in Ajaccio, Corsica. Since 1729, Ajaccio was a Maniot colony and continued to be for 44 years. 


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"Napoleon’s father Carl Bonaparte was a close friend of the family of Panoria Stefanopoulos, widow of Permno, a supplier of the French army. Their friendship was so close that when Carl died Panoria was the one to close his eyes. Panorias daughter Laura Stefanopoulos, Juno’s wife, was known as Countess D’Abrantes."


"When an orphan Napoleon at the age of 15 came to Paris for the first time to continue his education he was met by Dimitrios Stefanopoulos-Komninos. This prominent Greek was known not only on Corsica but in France also. He was a brother of Panoria Stefanopoulos and a close friend of Napoleon’s father Carl Bonaparte.

Dimitrios Stefanopoulos acted as a guardian of Napoleon who at that time was a student at the Military School Briene Le Sato. It is rather peculiar that the first scholar work of Napoleon had a rather characteristic title: "Memoires sur l’education des jeunes Maniotes" ("Recollections on the unpbringing of young Maniots")."


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