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Cargeze, Corsica, France

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"Adding to the tensions in the Mani region was long vendettas between some of the more powerful Maniots families which included; the Stefanopoulos family (descentants of Comnene Dynasty from the Empire of Trebizond, kin to the Kalomeros).[2][3]), the Mavromichalis, the Mourtzinos (claim descent from the Palaeologus Dynasty) and the Yatrianon, also know as Yatrians (the Medici Family is descentant from them). Hundreds of Greeks decided to emigrate and in 1663 his Grace Parthenios Calcandis, the Greek Catholic Bishop of Vitylo, negotiated with the Republic of Genoa, then ruling Corsica, for asylum. The Genoan administration promised to grant the Greeks the territory of Paomia for a small fee to Genoa and to recognize the religious authority of the Pope. On June 25, 1665 the Genoa government granted the request of the Greeks but it took another ten years for the migration to take place. The Greek names of the emigrants were Italianized before they left for Corsica: for instance, Papadakis was changed to Papadacci." 


Chingos, Peter J. "Lakonian Genealogy." Corsican Maniots. Lakonian Genealogy, 18 Oct. 2009. Web. 07 Dec. 2014. 


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This extract's highlight is the large immigration from Greece to Corsica and the Greeks' colony on the island. It proves the fact that the name "Kalomeros", also mentioned in the extract, could have been italianized and presented as "Bonaparte".

This extract also proves the way Greek families found themselves in Corsica, and lived there for many years. The years-long vendettas of Mani, caused the Stefanopoulos family to migrate to Corsica and colonize it. The Kalomeros family was also a part of the immigration, which though italianized its name to "Bonaparte".


Further on, the gallery on the top of the page compares the two current villages that were Maniot colonies. As one can observe the architecture of both villages is similar to some extent, even though the current village of Cargeze is much more modern than the Greek Limeni of Mani. 


In conclusion this page has clarified the way the Maniots initially migrated to Corsica, and compared two Maniot villages, one in Corsica and one in Greece, to identify any significant simililarities. 


The following page of the third visit will explain how the Bonaparte family resulted in France, but it will also analyze the family's relationship and history with Greece.

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