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Welcome to my digication page!

          Welcome to my digication page! My name is Xufeng Bai, I am from China but was born in Greece. I spent more than 10 years living with my grandparents and brothers, I moved to Athens when I finished my elementary school and it is the fifth year here in Greece.

          I am a hard-working student, and I love to take challenges. Throughout my academic years, I have given 2 TedEd talks, participated in the SpACS project (designing experiments to send to space) as a member of the research team, being part of the charity club, trying out for the cross-country team, attended numerous 5k marathon…etc.

          Artificial intelligence and neurocience have always being the subjects that I am fascinated about. Scientists considers our brain to be the inner “universe”, there is just so much mysterious about our brain and I believe the future would be exciting with all the breakthroughs. I am also looking forward to working as a leader in these fields.

          The IB program allows me to create a deep understanding of the subjects that I need, and it is also useful in being accepted into top universities. Despite my IB classes, I also take online courses in different fields to enrich my knowledge in all the relevant fields and more importantly to practice my critical thinking skills.

          As a diligent student, I will be always ready to accept all kinds of challenges that would make me a wiser and more knowledgeable person, and I truly believe that my hard work would eventually pay off.





DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.